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Newsletter in Leeds

Welcome to the May 2023 issue of the Newsletter.   

I hope that you enjoyed below news & information about life in Leeds and found them helpful.


English4All in Leeds

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

click here to learn more 

  • 6 Free 2-hour classes every Saturday from qualified ESOL teachers at St George's Centre, Leeds, LS1 3DL​

  • Coffee & Conversation every Saturday

  • Online classes every Monday and Thursday evenings from qualified ESOL teachers

English4All is more than just a school - it's a community, a club, a network - please contact:

Nick Conibear, trustee of English4All in Leeds

Tel: +44 07535 867376


For Studio Yoga Classes: 

Special discount to English4All in Leeds, only applies to members who have been added in E4A WhatsApp group "E4A Main Group I" or "E4A Main Group II"

Students/Teachers/Volunteers: £2 off

(Discount Code:  OMayE4A2023,  Valid until 31 Dec 2023)

(updated dd 10 May 2023)



English learning with English Teacher while walking, and get to know Yorkshire.

The guided tours are aimed at everybody who learns English as a foreign language.  The trips could be also attractive to people who just want to make new friends and find out more about British hidden germs.


Please contact:

Beatrice at



(updated dd 10 May 2023)

​For June Newsletter,

Welcome to send me your comments, suggestions, news, upcoming activities, Hongkonger's shops in Leeds at !  

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