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Reiki and Yoga Combination:  
A Powerful Healing Combination

I found Reiki so beneficial to yoga practice including stretch and relax and/or strength for each pose as a life force energy (prana) , with Reiki and Yoga combining together to ensure the energy remaining strong and flow, and readily available during yoga practice as well as my daily life.

There are several practices to combine Reiki with yoga, e.g. Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga.  I channel Reiki life force energy down to the recipient's targeted unblock areas while holding and breathing through yoga poses, the energy (prana) flows through the entire body and mind for reducing stress, relaxing, promoting healing, being enlightened, invigorating and balancing chakras.

To experience a Powerful Healing Combination, you can incorporate inhaling light and universal energy into your body through yoga practice.



有幾種練習可以將靈氣與瑜伽融合起來,例如瑜伽、修復瑜伽。 我將靈氣能量輸送到接受者需要疏通阻塞的位置,同時通過保持瑜伽姿勢和宇宙生命能量 (prana) 流動到整個身體和恢復身心健康以減輕壓力,促進康復,更覺悟,充滿活力和有助脈輪平衡。




Yoga with Reiki Energy Healing

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