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Yin & Yang Yoga 陰陽瑜伽

"Yin Yoga" healing practice combines with the Chinese meridian theory, focuses on realigning and stretching the connective tissues of the body, long held deep stretches with the purpose of connecting with the rhythm of the breath and cultivates a meditative mind. 

"Yang Yoga" practice focuses on muscle control and strength in all parts of the body, and improves cardiopulmonary function and metabolism, Yang Yoga emphasizes strength and endurance, they are active, the flow of active and powerful energy in the body. 

A two different yoga practices of yin and yang, strengthening and softening elements with the purpose of balancing the body, moving towards the direction of body and mind integration, balance and unity.  with the purpose of increasing balanced and stability.

「陰瑜伽」運用呼吸與放鬆的方式, 結合中國經絡理論透過長時間停留與深度伸展身體的深層結締組織,達到放鬆修復的效果,培養安定的呼吸節奏,鍛鍊內觀的專注力。

「陽瑜伽」練習着重於身體各部位肌肉的控制力與肌力訓練,並提升心肺功能及新陳代謝, 陽瑜伽強調力量和耐力,感受活躍和有力的能量在體內流動。



Some pranayama and meditation may be included.


Suitable for All level and anyone looking to balance their strength and flexibility.


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