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Gentle Yoga & Stretch Class


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Hatha Yoga combines asana (posture) and pranayama (breathing exercises) with even breathing and poses are generally held for long periods of time, connects the body and mind with the purpose of increasing awareness and stability, feels the energy flowing in the body, focuses on the present moment, improves range of movement, lengthens and strengthens the body, relaxes and calms the body and mind.


Some pranayama, chanting and meditation may be included.


The classes are suitable for all abilities and anyone looking to increase their yoga knowledge of the fundamental poses and alignment and looking to stretch their bodies with moderate physical effort.


Classes are conducted in bilingual or English or Cantonese 廣東話授課.


Contact me to book a class. 

Booking Options



Contact me directly at or WhatsApp message +44 (0) 7861670427 to book classes and events.

預約課堂和活動,直接以電郵 或 WhatsApp文字訊息  +44 (0) 7861670427 與我聯繫。


Yoga Class Etiquette


Please do not put shoes on your yoga mat to keep the mat clean. Yoga is practiced with bare feet, so take off your socks too.  Omochi Yoga and Wellness provides yoga mats and yoga blocks.  Students are also welcome to bring their own yoga mats.

請保持墊子清潔,請勿將鞋子放在瑜伽墊上。 瑜伽是赤腳練習的,所以請也要脫掉襪子。  課堂提供瑜伽墊及瑜伽磚,亦歡迎同學自備瑜伽墊練習。


Please turn off Cell Phone in a class.




Any kind of comfortable workout clothes or activewear is acceptable to wear in your yoga practice.



Class Changes or Cancellation



​Class booking subject to payment confirmation.  Cancellations or class changes made less than 24 hours prior to the beginning of class are invalid and students will be charged the full price for any registered classes that they miss or fail to cancel within the required time.

課堂預約以確認付款後為準。 取消或更改課堂必須於開課前至少24小時前完成。如學生於規定時間內未能出席課堂,不作退款。


Health Questionnaire and Health Disclaimer for Classes & Events



​All new joiners, please fill in the Health Questionnaire and Disclaimer form before joining the class, otherwise Omochi Yoga and Wellness has the right to refuse students to participate in the class.

所有新參加者,於上課前,請先填寫免責聲明表格,否則 Omochi Yoga and Wellness 有權拒絕學生參加課堂。


General Terms & Conditions



Once registered the classes or events, you are agreeing to our General Terms above.



(Updated 2023.12.18)

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